Cloud Computing for Schools in Bicester

Updating the computing systems in your school may seem like a scary thing to take on, however don’t be fooled, it can be much simpler than you think.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing isn’t a ‘new’ technology per se, however the way it can be used is being improved and developed all the time. Cloud computing will definitely help you upgrade and save you hassle in the long term for your school, especially as new students join your school every year.

Free for schools

Your current IT could be holding you, your teachers, your students and your progress back. Technology has become essential in the classroom over the last decade that it is impossible to avoid. However if your school is stuck in a hole where you’re struggling to get out, cloud computing is a dependable, secure and easy to use platform that can save you time and money. Cloud computing and Microsoft Office 365 specifically is FREE to schools that thousands upon thousands of schools have already taken advantage of!

Microsoft office 365 and cloud technology

Microsoft Office 365 is much more than Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher that the majority of us use at least once on a day to day basis.

Microsoft Office 365 is a fully integrated feature that is hosted by cloud technology. Cloud technology is stored in a database away from your personal computer which means space is saved as documents are not clogging up your desktop and memory. But there are even more benefits than that. Microsoft Office 365 is hassle free as it means your servers are not required. By using Microsoft’s fast and smooth platform you’ll have a super smooth system for however many people are working and learning in your school.

By hosting your documents with cloud computing it allows everyone who has access a chance to see the same documents and access work remotely. This is perfect for the classroom as teachers can plan work either from home or different computers, and then have no problems in opening up their latest files from a different device to share with the class. The same can be said for students, if they have anywhere access to a portal of their documents, the can work on it anytime and share the files with their teacher who can mark, edit and give advice.

There’s no need to worry about safety either, as Microsoft have a secure and tight network to ensure your information is not duplicated or accessible by anyone who shouldn’t have access.


Cloud Computing
for Schools