Proofreading your essay in Bicester

How to master the process

Being a few marks off from the next grade boundary is one of the most frustrating aspects of writing an essay. The hard work and long hours doesn’t seem worth it.

Often, you could get these extra marks just by proof reading your work effectively.

Whatever assignment you’re working on, getting your text free of mistakes is essential. The spell checker in various work processors can only help so much as it is far from foolproof.

That is where proofreading comes in. Below you will find some tips and techniques to make your proofreading sessions more effective.


First of all, keeping your mind focussed on proof reading is the best start you can get to this task. If you’re going to spot mistakes, then you need to concentrate. That means getting rid of distractions and potential interruptions like your phone. This also may mean studying alone and keeping hydrated.


When reading through your work, there are a couple of things you should keep your eye out for. The use of homonyms could be something to trip you up, where words share the same spelling or pronunciation, but have different meanings. So an example of this would be accept/except. Even little things like checking apostrophes are in the correct place and other grammar errors, which can hurt the credibility of your work.

Print your work

Putting your work on paper could also help you when reading your work back. People read differently on screen and on paper, so if you print out a copy of your writing and read aloud, your ear might catch errors that your eye may have missed.

Finally, getting someone else to proofread your work could be the most important aspect of proofreading. A second person will also be in a better position to evaluate whether the sentences make sense or not.


Essay Proofreading